Monday, September 24, 2007

Missing Dad

Not my dad (sorry)! Stephen goes away tomorrow until really late Friday night. That means Jack and I need to get it done on our own. That really stinks. Jack and I need him here to function. Who is going to wash all the bottles? Who is going to put him down to sleep? Who is going to watch Andy Griffith with Jack? Who is going to clean up our bath time mess? Who is going to "pat" Jack back to sleep when I would normally pick him up? I guess that would be me. And this isn't going to be just this week, this project runs for a month.
A baby needs his dad, and a mom needs the baby's dad too. I've decided Stephen can't go. I'll just write him a note that he's not allowed to leave. Remember when that's all you needed to get out school was a note from your doctor? Those were the good ol' days...

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