Sunday, December 20, 2009


Not really. I just like saying that. We probably have just over a foot of snow here in Foxboro. As soon as Jack woke up this morning he wanted to go outside. I managed to hold him off until about Noon. When Stephen headed out to snow blow the driveway, Jack and I started to suit up. It took us at least 30 minutes to get all of our layers on... from long underwear to turtlenecks to snow pants - we were sweating by the time we walked outside.

Look - my car fit in the garage!

Helping Dad shovel snow makes Jack happy...

Here is a shot of Stephen and our neighbor Tom doing a snow plow parade. At least that's what Jack thought so he started hooting and hollering his appreciation.

And yes, I let Jack eat the snow...

So of course yesterday we went to the grocery store and Home Depot in anticipation of being snowed in today. While we were at the Depot... one of the workers decided to give the little guy his own official orange apron. That man has no idea how happy he made Jack! Now he looks very professional when he works at his tool bench in the family room.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Another Birthday Party

Seems the majority of Jack's friends from school were born in December. Today we went to Jordan's 3rd birthday party at Gymboree (not the store, the play place). Jack always has a good time running, jumping and acting like a crazy little man. It's also great for him to get all of his energy out - especially since it's been too cold to play outside lately. Besides your typical pushing and shoving, Jack had a great time.

He really liked jumping...
And popping bubbles...

After playing for an hour... it was cake time. On the left is Abby... on the right is Madison.

And this picture was taken right before Jack stood up and blew out the candles on the cake before the birthday boy could! The parents all thought it was funny, Jordan of course burst into tears.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Our Tree!

We put up our tree this weekend... Jack is absolutely infatuated with Christmas lights, so he's super happy he now has some in his own house. Jack helped decorate - and put the majority of the ornaments all on one branch

Birthday Party

Today, after Jack shoveled the driveway, I took him to his friend Madison's 3rd birthday party. They go to school in Foxboro together. Jack was the only little boy to go - too cute - so he got a lot of attention from the moms (for whatever reason). There were some older kids there (not pictured) but they were all related to Madison... so they were all awkward and wanted to play video games.

Below we have Jack, Abby, Madison and Analise.

They had pizza... drink boxes...

and a Curious George cake with ice cream! The kids couldn't keep their hands out of the frosting. I'm pretty sure Madison touched every piece of that cake before it was served.

Here's Jack digging in...

They played some games - like limbo and pin the tail on the donkey (which Jack apparently has a natural talent for) and then it was time to hit the road. We were already 2 hours past nap time...

Yeah! Snow!

Finally we got some snow here in New England. I mean on Thursday it was 70 degrees... and today it was 32 and snowing. Gotta love it... well actually I don't love it, but Jack does. As I've said in the past - I think Jack is half penguin. The kid would spend all day outside if either of his parents could withstand the temperatures. Today I drew the long straw and got to stay inside while Stephen took Jack sledding (with Tom and Ryan) and then cleared off the cars and driveway. I kept coming out to ask if Jack wanted to come in and he would just say "in a minute" or "almost." After 2 hours outside I dragged him in - all wet - and made him eat some lunch.

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