Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Speed Racer

William and his first try on the little ATV. Jack is just dying to get his little brother in the passenger seat of his Gator. I'm thinking it will be awhile before that happens.

I personally like how William makes sure his wooby/binky/pacifier is securely in place before moving.

Friday, August 5, 2011

First Week of Camp!

Since January, Jack has been home with William and the nanny (Miss Justine). It's been great to not have to drag him out of the house each day and be in daycare for up to 9 or 10 hours. But what it's also done is make Jack long to be with kids his own age. That makes sense, since he was ten weeks old he was in some type of daycare situation - he's a people person after all!

In the Fall he will be starting preschool at a Montessori school here in Foxboro, but before that gets underway he's also been attending half day camp at the YMCA (the same place he went as an infant for daycare). They run a kiddie camp program geared for kids his age. One of the best things about the camp is that he's in the same group as two of his buddies - Nick and Jordan. Every morning when we drop him off he is excited to go and get his day started. Before when we brought him to daycare he would cry and cling onto our legs... at camp he can barely stop to give us a kiss and a hug! He also really loves to wear his backpack.

It's also nice for William - who now gets more one-on-one attention (at least until 1!).

Thursday, August 4, 2011

William is almost 1!!!

Can you believe William is almost 1 year old already? That seemed to go much faster with him versus with Jack. Stephen and I are almost old pros at this parenting thing now. Despite the fact that he (amazingly) does not sleep through the night yet (even though he weighs 23.5 pounds) he is a wonderful little baby... full of smiles and laughs. He truly thinks anything his big brother does is the most hysterical thing he's seen in his life.

Yesterday William got his first haircut! Yes, at just 10 months he needed a haircut. He never lost his "baby hair" so it was getting a bit unruly on the top and in the back. He also has about 4 million cowlicks... so trying to get his hair to lie flat down the road should be interesting.




All with a little plastic spoon in his mouth... he didn't cry once! He actually found it all quite interesting.

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