Friday, November 30, 2007

A Day to Remember

Jack has a tooth! The bottom left finally broke through. Fortunately he didn't feel it because he is so hopped up on Benadryl for the wicked cold he has, he can't possibly be bothered by mere teething. I have a feeling the breastfeeding is going to come to a screeching halt. Let's just say he thinks it's humorous to chew while eating... not fun for mom.
Tomorrow Jack goes to his first birthday party. Alyssa at "school" is turning 1 and her parents are giving her a party at Chuck E. Cheese. Should be interesting. I'll take pictures.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Major Update!

Jack says Mom. But he only says it when he is in distress. Such as when his leg is stuck in the rails of the crib. He was great over Thanksgiving even with all the traveling he did. He really does enjoy spending time with his cousins. He just loves other kids. It's amazing how he is instantly attracted to them. Even in the grocery store, if he spots a kid... game on: he stares at them like they are his long lost best friend. It's actually quite sweet.
As for Thanksgiving, I was convinced he would like mashed potatoes since they are my single most favorite food. Wrong. I put some in his mouth, he let them liquify and then he let them dribble out. We tried to take his picture for our holiday card, but he wouldn't smile for the camera. He just sat there like a stiff as if we were torturing him. Well, we sort of were. I had him in his new Burberry outfit that is obviously too large for him. His hands were where his elbows should have been.
Now Jack has a cold. He is coughing, sneezing and has watery eyes and a runny nose. The doctor said to give him children's Benadryl. It knocked him out like he was on sleeping pills. And it didn't even help the coughing.
We have (okay I did) hung our stockings on the mantle. I ordered new green velvet ones with a red cuff... from Pottery Barn that say Jack, Mom and Dad. I already put a present in Dad's...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Good Times

Check out this link...

It's the Francomano Family... in a way you've never seen them before. Now I know this is through Office Max... which flies in the face of one of my biggest clients: Staples... but it's so funny I couldn't stand it.

T-minus 2 days 'til Turkey Day... woo hoo!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

And I don't mean Christmas. I am talking about Thanksgiving! By far, turkey and mashed potatoes is my most favorite dinner... and this Thursday I'm going to have my dinner dreams fulfilled. We plan on letting Baby Man try some mashed potatoes... it will be his first real non-baby food that he will eat. I hope he likes them. What if he doesn't? Then I'll know he was switched with another baby in the hospital. I figured he was too cute to be mine anyway.
But he must be Stephen's baby... because Jack resembles his grandfather, "Pooh."Maybe next summer Pooh will teach him the finer points of "hosing" As I began to think about this... Jack's family could really teach him a lot:
  • Grammy will teach him how to read
  • Allie & Olivia will make him a fine little cheerleader!
  • Uncle Art might teach him how to ride a dirt bike (uhh... never)
  • Aunt Donna could help him build a volcano
  • Grandpa Tractor could give him rides on the tractor and the firetruck...
  • Grandma Rose might like to show him how to ride a bike
  • Uncle Bobby could could help him learn to catch a ball
  • Grandmother (aka Grandma Sheep) will teach him how to be the dog whisperer
  • Hunter & Drew might like to show him the finer points of playing with Legos
I know I'm not including everyone... this is just a sampling. What I'm trying to say is that your family is there for more than just the holidays. They're there to teach you things... and Jack has a lot to learn and he's very lucky.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Baby Man and the Bath

If there's one thing in this crazy world that Baby Man loves loves loves... it's his bath. No it's not sucking on his rubber ducky and his toes... but those are tied for second.And after the scrubbing and the soaping is done... and of course some mandatory play time... it's off to the bedroom to get put into his warm and fuzzy jammies...

And as you well know, dressing a baby is not always the easiest task. Recently Jack has taken it upon himself to turn himself into a human log and roll around the room... naked. This while I try to put a diaper on him while Stephen tries to brush his hair (aka The Uncle Fred).

Once we get the little man put him in pajamas... he's already rubbing his eyes... letting us know he's ready for bed... all of this by 7pm. Just in time for a good round of the "Andy Griffith" show, ba ba and some rocking... and it's off to dreamland for a decent 10 hours. Then at 5:30... it's time to start all over again... which is a good thing.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Gimme Your Ear!

Not to talk... but to hang onto! Whenever Stephen picks up Baby Man he invariably grabs a hold of his ear and hangs on... and it hurts. For me, he grabs the little hairs at the nape of my neck. That hurts too. I'm already losing enough hair everyday without Jack ripping the survivors out by the root.

Gimme Meat!

Jack is no longer a vegetarian. He's broken his 7-month stint with a healthy dinner of chicken and vegetables. I honestly couldn't get the food in his mouth fast enough... he really loved it. Guess he doesn't take after Grandma Sheep.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Whirlwind Tour

This past weekend I think Jack visited almost every relative he has... and he loved it. Baby experts always say to not expect your baby to act the same when you have him sleeping in different places on off his schedule. Not Baby Man. He took his naps, ate his food and fell asleep like he always does... no issue. We were in Queensbury, Glens Falls, Albany, Guilderland and North Chatham.
Our last stop: Grandpa Tractor's house... as you see here:
He was hugged, kissed and cuddled more than ever before in his entire life. I think he really likes it when we jazz up his routine. Life with Mom and Dada must be getting tiresome.
Right now we're watching "Run's House" on MTV. Do you ever watch it? It's entertaining and yet it teaches you somethings... like how to be a funny yet effective parent. Run is from Run DMC (the rappers) and he and his family are living the high life in Jersey. His kids are handed a lot for doing nothing, but all in all I think they are good kids... who have a heck of a lot of stuff.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Getting Flack

So I'm getting flack from some of my loyal readers since I haven't blogged for a few days. I've been busy working, mom-ing and doing whatever else comes up. Tonight we're in Queensbury visiting Stephen's parents. We're going out to dinner tonight to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary. That's certainly an accomplishment I aspire to duplicate. Stephen and I have only been married for 7 years, so thinking about the next 38 (that's more years than I've been alive) is mind boggling.

Right now Baby Man is sleeping in his car seat. We went over to our friend the Maurer's today to visit. Jack got to watch Lindsay and Amanda play... he loves watching the big kids. In fact he's mesmerized by them like at "school." They also have a really big dog, Memphis... a Burmese Mountain dog. Baby Man enjoyed staring at him, grabbing his fur and then trying to eat it. We also picked up a high chair. They weren't using it anymore and it was used for barely a month. Finally I won't have to feed the little guy in his office.

Monday, November 5, 2007

S + M Baby?

Jack likes to be lightly bitten. If you chew on his hand (or his belly) he laughs hysterically. Do you think this is a problem? Probably not a problem now since he is only 7 months old, but as he gets older it might develop into an issue. I'm probably teaching him to bite. Great.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Great Cheerio Caper

Tonight I was so excited. I was excited because I was going to finally feed Baby Man that quintessential baby food: Cheerios! (not to mention they are Grandpa Tractor's breakfast of choice for the last 50+ years) The doctor has said on our last visit that he was ready to eat them, despite having no teeth.
But before I gave Jack the little, round, whole-grain morsel I said to Stephen, "we know what to do if he chokes, right?" Stephen said yes and then acted out giving a baby the Heimlich. I felt confident. Jack was in a good mood. Stephen was ready to jump into action. Chatiemac was ready to clean up the remnants.
So first I put two Cheerios on Jack's tray. Didn't even phase him. He only stared at the little bowl of cereal I had in my hands. So then I put the bowl of cereal in front of him. Still zero interest. So I resorted to putting one directly in his mouth. At first he looked perplexed. Then he look inquisitive. Then he started choking.
I immediately whacked him (gently) on the back. Stephen came over and asked if the Cheerio was out yet. I started to get a bit frantic and I picked him up, leaned him forward and lightly pummeled his little back. Still nothing. I then stuck my hand in his mouth and felt every crevice of his little mouth for that damn Cheerio. But still nothing. By now he stopped choking. And started laughing. That little turkey. I then gave him a good long swig of the ol' ba-ba.
Crisis averted.
Situation over.
Cheerios are banned... at least until he gets a tooth.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Breezy Day Expected

Here is Jack's impression of Superbaby. He has a very strong core. That comes from the pilates that we are so addicted to!

They're talking about 50+ mile per hour winds tomorrow and up to 3 inches of rain. Crazy. So Jack and I went for a stroll today since we won't be able to get out of the house tomorrow. We went to the rec center where there is a swing set and slide. So I plopped him in the baby swing. He seemed to enjoy it... you make the call:

It was chilly, but I think he likes the cold weather since he is normally such a warm little man.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


That's my new name... not for the baby... but for myself. Listen, Jack is almost 7 months old and I still have the "flabdomen." It's time for action. No more putting it off. I was always told it takes 9 months to make the baby, give yourself 9 months to take the weight off. That means I have just 2 months left. I have about eight pounds to lose to get down to my pre-baby weight. But my pre-baby weight was not my ideal. So in reality, I'd like to lose about 15 pounds.
I'll have to do it by eating less. Exercise is just impossible. I already get up at 6am to start the day and we don't get home from work until 6pm (and it's already dark). I'd walk during lunch, but I've been so busy, so that's not possible. I'm lucky if I even get enough time to run up to Shaw's and buy an overpriced salad.
I'll let you know how I do... but first I have to go polish off that leftover Halloween candy.

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