Monday, November 26, 2007

Major Update!

Jack says Mom. But he only says it when he is in distress. Such as when his leg is stuck in the rails of the crib. He was great over Thanksgiving even with all the traveling he did. He really does enjoy spending time with his cousins. He just loves other kids. It's amazing how he is instantly attracted to them. Even in the grocery store, if he spots a kid... game on: he stares at them like they are his long lost best friend. It's actually quite sweet.
As for Thanksgiving, I was convinced he would like mashed potatoes since they are my single most favorite food. Wrong. I put some in his mouth, he let them liquify and then he let them dribble out. We tried to take his picture for our holiday card, but he wouldn't smile for the camera. He just sat there like a stiff as if we were torturing him. Well, we sort of were. I had him in his new Burberry outfit that is obviously too large for him. His hands were where his elbows should have been.
Now Jack has a cold. He is coughing, sneezing and has watery eyes and a runny nose. The doctor said to give him children's Benadryl. It knocked him out like he was on sleeping pills. And it didn't even help the coughing.
We have (okay I did) hung our stockings on the mantle. I ordered new green velvet ones with a red cuff... from Pottery Barn that say Jack, Mom and Dad. I already put a present in Dad's...

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