Thursday, November 15, 2007

Baby Man and the Bath

If there's one thing in this crazy world that Baby Man loves loves loves... it's his bath. No it's not sucking on his rubber ducky and his toes... but those are tied for second.And after the scrubbing and the soaping is done... and of course some mandatory play time... it's off to the bedroom to get put into his warm and fuzzy jammies...

And as you well know, dressing a baby is not always the easiest task. Recently Jack has taken it upon himself to turn himself into a human log and roll around the room... naked. This while I try to put a diaper on him while Stephen tries to brush his hair (aka The Uncle Fred).

Once we get the little man put him in pajamas... he's already rubbing his eyes... letting us know he's ready for bed... all of this by 7pm. Just in time for a good round of the "Andy Griffith" show, ba ba and some rocking... and it's off to dreamland for a decent 10 hours. Then at 5:30... it's time to start all over again... which is a good thing.

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