Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weekend Recap

Last night we had the McHugo foursome over for dinner. Matt and Maria have 2 boys - Owen who is 3 and Ethan who is 1. We hadn't seen them in a while for whatever reason so it was nice to finally get together. The boys enjoyed playing with each other - running around, playing with the toy vacuum and using the tool bench. We decided to feed them first (spaghetti and meatballs) so that when the parents ate - we could actually just concentrate on eating instead of getting food into a kid's mouth. Our plan worked. While we ate - the boys watched Max & Ruby.

Ethan liked Jack's booster seat so much he carried it into the family room to use as a chair... too bad he's facing the wall ;)

The boys played until about 8... 20 minutes after they left Jack passed out cold. I love those kind of nights.

Today Stephen's plan was to clean out the garage and put up some shelves out there as well. Since Jack always likes to help Dad with any projects - and can make them take 10x longer than normal - I decided to take Jack out for a while. We first went to Dunkin Donuts because I wanted coffee (it was kind of brisk this morning) and then we headed to a playground over by Jack's school. This playground also happens to be across the street from Matt & Maria's house. Since we ended up there, I texted Maria that she should come over... while we waited... Jack hung around... literally:

He's a really good "hanger." I might want to get him in some gymnastics classes down the road. Here is Jack crossing the wobbly bridge - with a chocolate munchkin in his right hand.

Then Maria and Owen came over - while Matt stayed home with the napping Ethan. The boys got all of their energy out by chasing each other. Eventually they started throwing rocks - because that is what boys do!

A glimpse into the future - Jack and Owen trying to bust into a locked field. Little future vandals on our hands... After I took this picture, Jack wedged himself in between the gate and the post. I had to yank him out - what if he got in? I would have had to jump the fence (which is 8 feet high) and chase him down.

It was then lunch time so we parted ways, but not before balancing on a log, picking up some sticks and contemplating jumping in a massive puddle. Jack came home to have a nice bowl of mac and cheese... and then a long nap. Short week of work ahead... it's almost Turkey Day!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Crazy Kid

Jack is officially a crazy kid these days. Three examples to share with you tonight:
1. While jumping like a wild monkey in his crib, he smashed his lip down on the bar... biting a nice chunk out of his tongue. Yes, it bled like crazy - I think that was the part he liked the best.
2. I just checked on him - he has taken all his clothes off. Thankfully he's left his diaper on. I'll be redressing him soon.
3. He locked himself in the guest room and peed on the floor.

This 3rd example needs a little more explaining.

So, I was hanging out with Jack in my room like we normally do - watching our friend Dora on television. For some reason, out of the blue, Jack tosses his sippy cup of juice right at me! This earned Jack a "time out." Now, when we are upstairs, time out is served in the wing chair in the guest room. He had just gotten out of the bath so he was still naked... and he marched into the other room ready to do his "time out." Well he got mad a me for following him so he slammed the door in my face and locked the door. Yes, he turned the little thingy and locked the door!

I quickly went above the door jamb and got the tool that unlocks the door from the outside. Thinking it was something I just jammed in the hole and pushed... turns out that is not the kind of lock we have on the doors. I tried for a few minutes to unlock the door, meanwhile pleading with Jack to unlock the door. He started to get upset, saying he couldn't unlock it and he had to go potty. Oh boy. I called Stephen in panic (he was out to dinner with some former colleagues) asking him what to do. He explained how the tool worked - but I just couldn't get it to work. I thought I would run next door to get Tom - but they were away. I was stuck. Jack was stuck.

I ended up running downstairs and getting a screwdriver - the plan? To take the door handle off and get in the room that way. So I unscrewed the knob and the part on the inside of the room fell to the floor. Jack and I could finally see each other - I kept explaining that Mommy was going to help him and he'd be out soon. He just kept saying he was scared and had to go potty. I finally got the door open after taking off the handle... when I walked into the room there was a pile of pillows on the rug. Yes, Jack had peed on the floor and then tried to cover it up (is that normal?). I just ran in and hugged him so tight, I wanted to make him feel safe... and not be worried any longer.

Jack recovered by watching the Backyardigans... while I recovered by cleaning the rug.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"All by myself"

That's Jack's newest and very well used line. He says it all the time to Stephen and me. For example, last night when we were eating dinner, Jack decided it was time to go #2. He got up from his chair and told us that he was going upstairs to the potty to make the poo poo come out and he was going all by himself. He instructed us to keep eating dinner. Umm... okay. I trailed him up the stairs and watched him go into his bathroom and shut the door. I asked if he might need my help with his pants. He said "nope." About one minute later he yelled down for me to help him with his pants. So I helped him take off his pants and diaper... and offered to help him up on the potty. Yep, you guessed it - he said he was going to do it by himself. And he did. He squirmed up onto the Elmo potty and told me to go eat dinner. So I shut the door behind me and went downstairs.

About five minutes later he yelled down that "he did it!" and that he wanted to show us the fruits of his labor. Stephen and I indulged his request and ran upstairs to check out Jack's deposit. It was a big one - and there was one more thing. Jack tried to wipe himself. Umm... ick. He did a good job trying but needs to refine some of his skills before we let him do this on his own. A little soap, a little water and voila - we had a very proud two and a half year old come back down for a little dinner.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

"I'm Flying!"

I just gotta say Jack did a great job flying in a plane twice this weekend. Granted it was only a 45 minute flight to Newark, but he didn't have any issues with his ears, taking off or landing. In fact when we took off the first time he yelled, "blast off!" Too funny.

We flew to NJ to celebrate the twins' 10th birthday - and we thought it was a good opportunity to try out flying with a toddler. Sometimes the wait in the terminal was a bit trying - but for the most part he got a kick out of watching the planes outside and looking at other kids in the area.

Flight crews seemed to take a shine to him as well. After our first flight on Saturday, the pilot was making some announcements and included, "sounds like Jack did a great job on his first flight." And then today while we were waiting to board the plane to go home, the woman running the gate at Continental told us she'd get Jack on the plane early so he could meet the pilots and sit in the cockpit!

When he met the pilots he said - "hi pilot man." The pilots asked him what he was giong to be when he grew up and his answer was a fireman. He even correctly answered the name and age question when asked - he never answers that question.

Getting some quick instructions on some of the buttons... which Jack of course wanted to touch.

And I just found out I have to go to NYC tomorrow for work... so I'm headed back in the morning... but this time on the train.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Flu Shots!

So up until today Jack hadn't had any of his flu shots - seasonal or H1N1. This morning Jack had his 30 month check-up (29.5 lbs and 35" tall = 70% percentile) - but first I had to get him into a gown - it was quite cute!

When the doctor came in she asked him lots of questions like:
  • "What were you for Halloween?" Fortunately he didn't say a stop sign
  • "Do you brush your teeth?" Yes, and he even mimicked the brushing action
  • "Do you eat your fruits and vegetables?" Umm, his answer was bacon
  • "Do you sit in a special seat in the car?" Yes, and he told her how he watches 'Wiki Tiki' (the Scooby Doo movie he watches over and over)
I felt like she was checking with him if Stephen and I were good parents. I think we passed. I hope. Well, at least DSS hasn't shown up at the door yet. When she left Jack gave her a high five, knuckles, thumbs up and a vibrant "bye bye!" She called him a ham.

Then it was the fun part - the shots. I was just happy they had the H1N1 available. They did that one first since it was the flumist - he took the squirt up the nose just great. Then the needle showed up. I distracted him while she prepped his arm and then he burst into tears once she pierced his skin. So sad. I hate doing that to him - though I think it's way better than getting the flu!

Tomorrow - we fly to New Jersey for the twins' birthday party. Wish us luck!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Rolling Around... at the party

A quick video from the birthday party today at the gymnastics place (see earlier post).

Gymnastics Party

This morning Jack had a birthday party to go to for one of his friends from school. It was Nicholas' 3rd birthday and his parents had the party at a nearby gymnastics gym. It was a great place to have a birthday party - you get in, you have fun, you get out. No clean-up! And to boot - it was a lot of fun. Jack loves to hang like a monkey and jump like kangaroo and this was the perfect place to do that. Fortunately I still had Grandma Sheep with me to help chase him around the gym.

After the kids jumped around for an hour it was time for pizza and cupcakes. We went upstairs to the party room and the cute kids all crowded around a long table...

Jack sat with his friends from school... Madison, Jordan, Lucas and Jacob... nice Elmo hats.

Jack was serious about the cupcake - and he insisted on having the one with blue frosting. And yes, it ended up all over his face and his shirt...

After the party we loaded up in the car and headed home. Jack was asleep within 5 minutes. It's good to run him hard in the morning... makes nap time a billion percent easier!

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