Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weekend Recap

Last night we had the McHugo foursome over for dinner. Matt and Maria have 2 boys - Owen who is 3 and Ethan who is 1. We hadn't seen them in a while for whatever reason so it was nice to finally get together. The boys enjoyed playing with each other - running around, playing with the toy vacuum and using the tool bench. We decided to feed them first (spaghetti and meatballs) so that when the parents ate - we could actually just concentrate on eating instead of getting food into a kid's mouth. Our plan worked. While we ate - the boys watched Max & Ruby.

Ethan liked Jack's booster seat so much he carried it into the family room to use as a chair... too bad he's facing the wall ;)

The boys played until about 8... 20 minutes after they left Jack passed out cold. I love those kind of nights.

Today Stephen's plan was to clean out the garage and put up some shelves out there as well. Since Jack always likes to help Dad with any projects - and can make them take 10x longer than normal - I decided to take Jack out for a while. We first went to Dunkin Donuts because I wanted coffee (it was kind of brisk this morning) and then we headed to a playground over by Jack's school. This playground also happens to be across the street from Matt & Maria's house. Since we ended up there, I texted Maria that she should come over... while we waited... Jack hung around... literally:

He's a really good "hanger." I might want to get him in some gymnastics classes down the road. Here is Jack crossing the wobbly bridge - with a chocolate munchkin in his right hand.

Then Maria and Owen came over - while Matt stayed home with the napping Ethan. The boys got all of their energy out by chasing each other. Eventually they started throwing rocks - because that is what boys do!

A glimpse into the future - Jack and Owen trying to bust into a locked field. Little future vandals on our hands... After I took this picture, Jack wedged himself in between the gate and the post. I had to yank him out - what if he got in? I would have had to jump the fence (which is 8 feet high) and chase him down.

It was then lunch time so we parted ways, but not before balancing on a log, picking up some sticks and contemplating jumping in a massive puddle. Jack came home to have a nice bowl of mac and cheese... and then a long nap. Short week of work ahead... it's almost Turkey Day!

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