Sunday, November 8, 2009

"I'm Flying!"

I just gotta say Jack did a great job flying in a plane twice this weekend. Granted it was only a 45 minute flight to Newark, but he didn't have any issues with his ears, taking off or landing. In fact when we took off the first time he yelled, "blast off!" Too funny.

We flew to NJ to celebrate the twins' 10th birthday - and we thought it was a good opportunity to try out flying with a toddler. Sometimes the wait in the terminal was a bit trying - but for the most part he got a kick out of watching the planes outside and looking at other kids in the area.

Flight crews seemed to take a shine to him as well. After our first flight on Saturday, the pilot was making some announcements and included, "sounds like Jack did a great job on his first flight." And then today while we were waiting to board the plane to go home, the woman running the gate at Continental told us she'd get Jack on the plane early so he could meet the pilots and sit in the cockpit!

When he met the pilots he said - "hi pilot man." The pilots asked him what he was giong to be when he grew up and his answer was a fireman. He even correctly answered the name and age question when asked - he never answers that question.

Getting some quick instructions on some of the buttons... which Jack of course wanted to touch.

And I just found out I have to go to NYC tomorrow for work... so I'm headed back in the morning... but this time on the train.

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