Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dancing Trio

This morning Pooh was showing off his dancing skills to Jack... and out of nowhere Jack started tapping along. Finally after many attempts I got him to do it on camera, but not without Stephen joining in. And the good thing is that I was using Judy's camera so you have audio on this clip!

This morning Jack slept 'til 7am! I think the room he's sleeping in is darker than his room at home. I have to look into getting some shades for the skylights, maybe that is the trick to curtailing the 5am wake up calls.
Also Jack's new obsession is pointing to lamps and saying "might" or "ba." Now I see where he's getting might... that means light. But ba? No clue.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

So Memorial Day Weekend starting out with Jack getting sick on Saturday. First he threw up his yogurt around mid-morning and then he capped off the evening by throwing up on his father's shoulder! Ahhh... what fun. But that didn't scare away Chrissy and Mike Buttigieg who were in town for a weekend wedding from DC. As we chatted in the family room we heard a "chink chink chink." What was that? Oh yes, that was Stephen's wedding ring falling out of his hand and deep into the couch. Here is the search:

Eventually he found it, but Stephen had to cut into the lining of the couch to get it out! He also found my watch which I hadn't seen in months.

Last night we had our neighbors over for a bbq. Sarah, Tom and baby Ryan (10 months) came over for some ribs and corn on the cob. The ribs were yummy (and messy) and the kids are starting to play together which is nice. It's nice to have great neighbors literally 20 feet away.

Then this morning we got out of the house early to watch the Foxboro Memorial Day parade at the town square. I was envisioning bands, balloon vendors, clowns, fire trucks... the whole nine yards. What did we get? Oh yes, a handful of cute, old veterans. The high school marching band. The local boy and girl scout troops. That's it! The parade couldn't have been more than 200 feet long. Kind of humorous. Regardless, Jack had a good time starting, waving and saying hi to people.

While we were watching the parade we ran into one of Jack's teachers from the Y... This is Jess and Jack. She says Jack is everyone's favorite. Awww....

After the parade we went and bought some flowers, Jack fell asleep in the car on the way home so I took advantage of Jack's first nap and planted the fleurs in the front container. Meanwhile Stephen vacuumed the car and is going to paint the shed. I need to go get more flowers for the front section and the flower box on the shed. Gotta run...

Friday, May 23, 2008

Come on Mom...

Why do I think that I was bothering Jack when I took this video???

As Jack's stalker Julie says - this is Jack in his AdironJack chair!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mom... my onesie is too big!

Me sick.

No posts. Stomach bug or something. Tossed my cookies (or shall I say my latte) at the McDonald's bathroom off 128 yesterday on my way home from a client meeting in Andover. Feeling better now, head still pounding. Later.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Jack's lovin' it...

Today Jack and I got out of the house to have some fun... and instead of going to the Natick Mall to buy some new socks at Hanna Andersson, we diverted to Costco. We got some blueberries, some toilet paper and some ribs! Jack was great until the end when you have to send your cart along one side of the cashier and you go down the other. This meant I had to get him out of the carriage, hold him while I paid and then try to maneuver him back into the carriage after loading our stuff back in.
Well he wanted NOTHING to do with being confined again... he wanted to walk... and boy did he let me know. I have to be honest, until today, Jack never pitched a fit in a store. He screamed and yelled and basically let the entire cavernous store know that I was not doing what he wanted. Oh well... such is life. I just moseyed to the car like he wasn't screaming and strapped him in the car seat and was on my way. He got over it.
So on our way home I felt like making one more stop: McDonald's! I can't remember the last time I went into a McDonald's and sat down to eat. Well, today that's exactly what Jack and I did. We shared the two cheeseburger value meal... but truly all the kid wanted was the french fries... and who can blame him!

I wanted to take Jack's picture on the statue of Ronald McDonald that you can see over his right shoulder. But I didn't know how to finagle Jack, the diaper bag and the camera... so it didn't happen.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dinner out...

So tonight, Jack and I went out to dinner with Matt, Maria and Owen. We went to a nearby Italian restaurant and Jack followed Owen's lead and ate up a storm! A piece of bread with butter and a whole lot of ziti with sauce. I think lively entertainment during meals distracts Jack and leads to more food actually getting in his buddha belly.
After dinner Jack had a bunch of sauce on his face so I wiped him down, except he insisted on playing with the wipe after I was done... and this was the result:

I think Jack is part dog!
Now here is Maria and Owen... she said she'd kill me if I posted this picture... hee hee:

Here is Matt & Maria...

Maria is going to have baby #2 in just two months... I think they are really looking forward to those sleepless nights!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Some thoughts from Jack

"Look at me... I've stolen the cards out of the side table.... ha ha ha!"

"Hi Mom, catch me if you can... I may be small, but I'm quick!"

"Whoa, I'm falling, I'm falling!"

"I'm back on my feet again. Don't I look sharp in my new duds?"

Morning Fun

Since Jack is such an early riser (between 5 and 6), we tend to have a lot of time to play in the morning. Today was one of those days. He was up at the crack of dawn, so we were all done with the morning ba-ba by 6am so we had an hour to whoop it up. The majority of our time was spent playing an old favorite called: I'm gonna get you!
This is video of the first half of the game. First Jack is distracted by the very enticing hutch... but them he boogies around the corner into the kitchen.

Now here is part 2 of the game. This is when I pop out from around the corner and yell that I got him! That's when I get him on the ground and tickle him...

This game can go on for at least an hour... or until he runs out of steam. Another favorite game is taking all of the items out of "the allowed" cabinet. So that includes the wire racks, rolling pin and crock pot.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

No Foot Problems

Well, we went to the emergency room this morning because Jack was still wincing in pain each time he stepped with his left foot. We did X-rays and it showed nothing at all (except his perfect little growth plates), in fact by the time we were leaving the hospital, Jack was walking on his foot again. This kid is just testing me right? Anyway, I'm just glad he's feeling better... still constipated... but no foot problems to speak of. In fact he was quite chipper and rambunctious this evening. Still didn't want to eat much of anything, but he still enjoys a good bottle (or as Jack calls them: Mom Mom's).

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Another Favorite...

A bagel with cream cheese!

But there might be trouble on the horizon. Tonight after we played a bit in the front yard, Jack started favoring his left foot. In fact he would cry if he put weight on it. So Stephen and I immediately took off his shoe and his sock and took a look at his foot. Nothing seems unusual. He lets you push on his toes, his ankle and his calf without any issue. But as soon as he tries to walk on it he winces. I took a picture of his foot while he was eating dinner... what do you think?

So we decided since it was already 6:30, to give him some Motrin and see what happens in the morning. If he still can't put any weight on it... we're going to the emergency room.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day II

It's my 2nd Mother's Day... and here is a picture of me with Jack in front of our beautifully blooming tree (not sure what kind, but I love it).
We started our the day with a nice leisurely breakfast that included Jack eating his first bagel with cream cheese. For gifts I got some very needed wine glasses that can be taken outside (from Bob & Judy) and Stephen and Jack put theirs heads together and decided to PRINT MY BLOG INTO A BOOK! Does this mean I'm being published :)
I ended up heading to Home Depot with Bob and picked up some pretty pink impatiens to plant under the tree, which I did as soon as I got home. I also picked up some tomato plants that are good for a container. This way I envision myself picking tomatoes for a nice summer salad in just a few months.
We then headed out for an early dinner (4:00) thinking that Jack normally wakes up from his 2nd nap at 3:30 and this would be perfect timing. Au contraire... Jack had other plans. He didn't fall asleep until 3:00 so he only got a 40 minute nap before dinner. Then (not that I'm complaining) dinner took forever to be served and we ended up spending more than 2 hours in the restaurant which is a lifetime for a 13 month old. But he's darn cute anyway...

At one point Jack tried to escape across the table to Grammy... I think he wanted to try her Diet Coke. Then we had to switch seats just to keep it interesting, as we were waiting for our dinner... and Jack seemed to think I was crazy... see for yourself:

So it's funny, we waited forever to get our dinners... and when they came... they were cold! So we complained to our waiter who ended up comping us our appetizers... woo hoo... we win!
Then we came home and played for a bit with Jack and then put him down for night-night... it was a good day.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Yum... Cold Pizza!

Stephen discovered something that Jack really likes to eat... cold pizza! And he certainly doesn't want me to cut it up into little pieces for him, he wants to hold it like a big boy. So for a while tonight he was chowing on the pizza, but then he became interested in a piece of junk mail... and that's when the game fell apart. First the bottle hits the ground, then the pizza... ahh, what a fun game.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sleeping Like a Baby...

Have you tried to sleep like a baby lately? And I don't mean so soundly and so peacefully... I mean on your tummy with your po-po in the air? Umm... I tried it, and it's not comfy... at all! It puts a lot of pressure on the neck. Note that Jack likes to tuck his little arms under his body too...

But it works for Baby Man! And he likes to lay on top of his blankie instead of under it.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sick Day

Jack is home sick today from school. He had a temperature of about 102 last night, gave him some Tylenol, and it came down significantly. Didn't have the best night of sleep. He woke up around 3 and was moaning. I rocked him back to sleep but had a strong feeling that if I laid him down in the crib he was going to wake back up. So I made a makeshift bed on the floor of his room and slept with him until 7 this morning. And yes, my back is killing me... but Jack seemed to appreciate it. So today is a Mommy and Jack day. When he wakes up from his morning nap we're going for a walk... it's absolutely beautiful outside.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Haircut #2

I braved another trip to SnipIts! with Jack today. I warned the hairdresser prior to the commencement of the snipping that the last trip was a disaster. The screaming, the crying, the tears.
The hairdresser was not afraid, not deterred, not concerned... she was confident that this haircut would not be a repeat of the first.

She began with some bubbles... (note that Gymbo made the trip in the store as well)

Then some staring at the other little boys getting their haircut...

Then a cartoon on the tv...

Then a little trim around the ears...

And voila! Jack is now a little boy :(

Saturday, May 3, 2008

More Peas Please

I have found 3 things today that Jack will eat:
  1. Oranges
  2. Jelly Munchkins (duh)
  3. Peas

I couldn't give Jack enough peas at dinner tonight. I would put a spoonful in front of him and he'd quickly grab each individual pea and shove it in his mouth. He didn't care for the roasted potatoes or steak, but the peas were a huge hit!

Earlier in the day, Stephen unpacked the mirror we are putting in the revamped guest bathroom. That box then became Jack's favorite toy of the day... that is after he played for about a half an hour with the rolling pin and wire rack.

Then we played on the ride-on dump truck for a bit. Jacks tends to lie on top of thte things he likes the most, from the dog to a ball to the dump truck. He doesn't look all that thrilled in the photo, but he was having a good time... honest.

Jack's newest trick is to say, "hi." When he waves, he now yells hi... to anyone. Today we were at the grocery store and he said hello to every single person we passed. Needless to say, he's not shy.

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