Sunday, August 31, 2008

The King!

In this photo (from Nantucket) I imagine in my head that Jack is yelling, "I am the King!" What do you think?

Zoo Time

So we went to the Roger Williams Zoo this morning with our friends the McHugo's. The zoo is only 30 minutes from the house and was really pretty decent. I think we were all most impressed by the giraffes.

Right next to the giraffes is where the elephants live. They got a bath while we were there. I also dropped my sunglasses in the pen... the nice zookeeper got them for me. Whoops. The painting that you see on the wall is "trunk art."

Then it was on to my old stand-by... the penguins.

Owen observing the flamingos...

Camels sitting in the dirt...

Then we did a quick lunch at Alice's Restaurant (named for one of the elephants... not for Arlo). By the time we got to the bald eagles... Jack was just about asleep. The eagles can't fly because they were injured in the wild. There are no cages or nets around them... they just chill.

The next thing I knew... Jack flung himself back into the stroller, closed his eyes and slept. He didn't even flinch when I moved him from the stroller to the car seat.

Bye Bye Summer

Long Weekend...

So the long weekend is here ... and we're having a great time so far. Yesterday, Jill and I took a little time for ourselves and got manicures and pedicures. Not the kind where you're in and out in 45 minutes... this took more than 2 hours. And they offered us wine. Well, Jill is 7 months pregnant so I declined and we both enjoyed a nice cup of decaf tea! But we're going back post-baby and opting for the wine. Then we went to their house for dinner and smores... Jack loved running around and around and around. Finally by 8:30 we had to call it a night and bring the little man home to bed.
Today I'm going to the Roger Williams Zoo in RI with my friend Maria and her two boys: Owen and Ethan. Ethan is just 2 months old! I'll take lots of pix and post later... Ciao.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Buzzard Bait

Here's a little clip of Jack dancing to his new favorite band: The Buzzards. You'll see a lady join him at the end... not sure why I didn't keep rolling? The band was playing at the Country Fair on Shelter Island last Saturday. The band was so impressed with Jack's moving and grooving that they wanted to give him a tee-shirt but they didn't have any that would have fit him for a long, long time.

Fire Trucks!

I am wondering who liked checking out the fire trucks more... Jack or Stephen?

Here are 2 of Jack's cousins... the twins: Lucie and Andrew.

I'm having battery issues with my computer. At first it just wouldn't charge, but now the stupid charger isn't connecting. Ugh.
I'm on a 4 day weekend... need to still unpack from the vacation. I never knew it was so hard to take 10 days off.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Party at the Pridwin

Good Evening... just got home from the Pridwin here on Shelter Island. We all had a great time at the cookout out the lawn with the live band playing music. Earlier in the day the Miller clan went to Sagaponack to the beach, but Stephen, Jack and I decided going to a beach with a baby wasn't our best decision... especially one that is teething right now. So we stayed back on SI and took a long walk to Shell Beach. Stephen and Jack searched for the perfect shell... I think we found it.

Then we went out to lunch and for a leisurely tour of the town... but first Jack enjoyed a nice juice box.

After nap #2 it was time for dinner on the lawn at the Pridwin. Since Jack's best skill is NOT sitting still and eating, we all seemed to take turns entertaining while the others ate. We had hot dogs, hamburgers, mussels, chicken, ribs, mac & cheese, shrimp, corn on the cob and brownies. It really was a fun night, but I headed home early with Baby Man as to not push him too far past his normal bedtime.

Before we headed out tonight we took a quick family photo in front of the big bushy grass clump...

Here's a photo from this morning of Jack chillin' with the boys in the recliner... who looks comfortable?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More Vacation Shots

So the vacation continues. More great weather. Went into town a couple of times, went swimming and continue to just hang out. Tomorrow we're heading to the beach in Sagaponack, which is about 40 minutes away.

Happy Birthday Grandma Sheep!

Here is Jack walking with his big cousin Hunter...

And here are a few pictures of Jack taking a ride on the motor boat... He likes to feel the wind in his hair!

And here is Jack playing in the playhouse over at the Royer's (Grandma Audrey and Grandpa Jim)...

Tomorrow we are also going to to Pridwin. It's a hotel and restaurant here on Shelter Island. On Wednesday nights they have a special dinner/cookout and live music. Jack will be sure to impress everyone with his smooth moves.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Shelter Island... Days 1, 2 & 3

So we're on vacation... yippee! No rain so far just some good ol' fashioned decent summer weather. We got here pretty easily via ferry out of New London, CT and were here at the house by 3:00.
Over the last few days we've really just gotten in to the rhythm of not being at work. Today was a great day (weather and fun-wise). We went to the beach, I squirted Jack with a hose and then it was off to the annual chicken barbecue put on by the local fire department. And what has now become an annual affair - we followed that up with a fireworks extravaganza. Here are some pictures from the last few days.

showing a little crack at the pool...

Jack is sucking on a chicken bone here...

Jeff insisted on being "Survivor Man" and start the bonfire with a flint! Eventually a lighter was called in to do the job...

Ooh... Ahh....

Jack was up WAY past his bedtime - 9:30!

Monday, August 11, 2008


We're baaack...... from a 3 day weekend on Nantucket. We had great weather and great fun! Jack loved waking up in the morning and having Harper and Piper to play with. I have to figure out how to get him an older brother or sister.

Here is Jack trying on Stephen's shades on the ferry ride to Nantucket on Friday afternoon. The ride is only an hour so it went by pretty easily.

Here is the house in Nantucket. I loved all the homes with the weathered siding. I imagine that winters out in the middle of the ocean are tough, but ACK seems like a great place to spend your summers.

Here is Stephen, Harper and Jack playing a quick game of football on the front lawn.

Then Jack decided to take a stroll down the driveway... mainly to pick up rocks and try to put them in his mouth.
Stephen and Jack in front of the boat... check out Jack's shades. Ummm... he didn't like wearing them or his hat.

Here are some pictures from our first beach day on Minnow Beach.

Baby in a bucket... a real bucket

And then as we were sitting on the beach, a lady came walking down the shoreline... with a baby pig!

Piper and the pig... named Violet Rose.

Yumm... salt & vinegar potato chips
Jill is due in just 8 weeks... we call the baby Stephen!

Then on Sunday we went to Brant Point. A great beach for watching the yachts, fishing and hanging out. Jack liked playing in the surf and picking up shells and rocks and throwing them into the water.

Yes, Jack enjoys beer... terrific.

And apparently Harper likes squid? Actually it's the bait he was using to catch the fish... called Scup.

Here are "The Men" fishing... nice yacht in the background!

This is John Kerry's place...

This is Tilly... she's a good girl. Just 5 years old and reminds us of how Chatty used to be. She loved eating the bagel right out of Jack's hands.

Alas, Sunday evening came and we had to catch the 7:20 ferry back to Hyannis. Clearly Jack didn't want to leave.

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