Monday, August 11, 2008


We're baaack...... from a 3 day weekend on Nantucket. We had great weather and great fun! Jack loved waking up in the morning and having Harper and Piper to play with. I have to figure out how to get him an older brother or sister.

Here is Jack trying on Stephen's shades on the ferry ride to Nantucket on Friday afternoon. The ride is only an hour so it went by pretty easily.

Here is the house in Nantucket. I loved all the homes with the weathered siding. I imagine that winters out in the middle of the ocean are tough, but ACK seems like a great place to spend your summers.

Here is Stephen, Harper and Jack playing a quick game of football on the front lawn.

Then Jack decided to take a stroll down the driveway... mainly to pick up rocks and try to put them in his mouth.
Stephen and Jack in front of the boat... check out Jack's shades. Ummm... he didn't like wearing them or his hat.

Here are some pictures from our first beach day on Minnow Beach.

Baby in a bucket... a real bucket

And then as we were sitting on the beach, a lady came walking down the shoreline... with a baby pig!

Piper and the pig... named Violet Rose.

Yumm... salt & vinegar potato chips
Jill is due in just 8 weeks... we call the baby Stephen!

Then on Sunday we went to Brant Point. A great beach for watching the yachts, fishing and hanging out. Jack liked playing in the surf and picking up shells and rocks and throwing them into the water.

Yes, Jack enjoys beer... terrific.

And apparently Harper likes squid? Actually it's the bait he was using to catch the fish... called Scup.

Here are "The Men" fishing... nice yacht in the background!

This is John Kerry's place...

This is Tilly... she's a good girl. Just 5 years old and reminds us of how Chatty used to be. She loved eating the bagel right out of Jack's hands.

Alas, Sunday evening came and we had to catch the 7:20 ferry back to Hyannis. Clearly Jack didn't want to leave.

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