Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Party at the Pridwin

Good Evening... just got home from the Pridwin here on Shelter Island. We all had a great time at the cookout out the lawn with the live band playing music. Earlier in the day the Miller clan went to Sagaponack to the beach, but Stephen, Jack and I decided going to a beach with a baby wasn't our best decision... especially one that is teething right now. So we stayed back on SI and took a long walk to Shell Beach. Stephen and Jack searched for the perfect shell... I think we found it.

Then we went out to lunch and for a leisurely tour of the town... but first Jack enjoyed a nice juice box.

After nap #2 it was time for dinner on the lawn at the Pridwin. Since Jack's best skill is NOT sitting still and eating, we all seemed to take turns entertaining while the others ate. We had hot dogs, hamburgers, mussels, chicken, ribs, mac & cheese, shrimp, corn on the cob and brownies. It really was a fun night, but I headed home early with Baby Man as to not push him too far past his normal bedtime.

Before we headed out tonight we took a quick family photo in front of the big bushy grass clump...

Here's a photo from this morning of Jack chillin' with the boys in the recliner... who looks comfortable?

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