Sunday, August 31, 2008

Zoo Time

So we went to the Roger Williams Zoo this morning with our friends the McHugo's. The zoo is only 30 minutes from the house and was really pretty decent. I think we were all most impressed by the giraffes.

Right next to the giraffes is where the elephants live. They got a bath while we were there. I also dropped my sunglasses in the pen... the nice zookeeper got them for me. Whoops. The painting that you see on the wall is "trunk art."

Then it was on to my old stand-by... the penguins.

Owen observing the flamingos...

Camels sitting in the dirt...

Then we did a quick lunch at Alice's Restaurant (named for one of the elephants... not for Arlo). By the time we got to the bald eagles... Jack was just about asleep. The eagles can't fly because they were injured in the wild. There are no cages or nets around them... they just chill.

The next thing I knew... Jack flung himself back into the stroller, closed his eyes and slept. He didn't even flinch when I moved him from the stroller to the car seat.

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