Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Finally got Jack over to Snip Its for a much needed haircut. And yes, it was just as traumatic as the first one oh so long ago. This has to be his 5th or 6th haircut. I'm just hoping at some point this gets easier. But on the bright side - I did discover a new "food" that Jack will eat - a lollipop! It was the last trick I tried during the haircut to get him to stop flailing his arms and screaming bloody murder.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Jack in Action

So one of Jack's teachers sent me a bunch of photos today that she's taken over the past few weeks and months...

Here is Jack in his element - looks like he likes school.

Looks like he got caught doing something he wasn't supposed to in this one:

This is Jack with his buddy Nick.

Now here's Liam, Jack and Nick

Crawling through a tunnel - I think he's screaming with happiness :)

A little messy in the art department:

School is very tiring - in fact Jack can apparently fall asleep sitting up. Wonder why he didn't fall asleep on the train this weekend?

I'm #1!

Jack & Liam

Here's a cute picture I was sent today from daycare. This is Jack with his buddy Liam... or as Grammy calls him - Leo.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I was just testing you...

To see if you guys really read this blog I took a week hiatus. Guess you do read it :)

Where to start... probably with this rotten cold I haven't been able to shake for the last week and a half. It really threw Jack and me for a loop. From the hacking cough to the extreme tiredness... it was a real struggle to work and take care of Jack... never mind trying to do anything in my free time other than sleep. Finally we got better and now Stephen is sick!

We just got back today from a long weekend in Philadelphia visiting Stephen's brother's family. We "thought" it would be a fun time taking Jack on a train (4.5 hours) since he loves Thomas the Train. And we also "thought" timing it so he could also take his nap on the train was a good idea. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. On the trip down it was all good until about New York City - about an hour from Philly. That's when the wheels came off and Jack decided he didn't want to sit and he didn't want to stand - so what choices remain? None... just unhappy baby. When Robert picked us up at the train station - we snapped the car seat into the car, started to move... and Jack was asleep. Finally - at least a 30 minute nap was in the books.

I had put together quite a tote bag of activities - from train books to play-doh, we had it all. We used it all too.

Here is a picture of Stephen and Jack on the trip down. Jack was enjoying a Thomas book - how appropriate. (note: Jack's sweater also had trains on it)

We had a nice weekend in Philadelphia. Jack really enjoys playing with his cousins plus he loved all their toys in the basement. He especially likes the kitchen area where he pretended to mix up food for the baby, heat it up in the microwave and then feed it to the baby in the stroller. But not before blowing on it... because it was hot!

Today we headed home and again had high hopes for Jack napping on the train. Nope. We came close a few times, but either the conductor would make an announcement or the kids behind us would make some noise that piqued his interest. Whatever, it was an experience. Next time we fly.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Shower Time

This morning Jack decided that 5:15 was the perfect time to wake up. This of course did not give me time to take a shower before taking him out of the crib. That means I had a visitor in the shower this morning. I fill up the tub with a bit of water so he something to splash around in - sprinkle in some toys - and we're off to the races. Getting out is the most dicey part though. I have to wrap Jack in a towel - while I'm soaking wet, get him out of the tub and then take care of me. The picture above is how he entertains himself after the shower - with a nice "Ma Ma."

Below is a picture of Jack brushing his teeth. He loves the Sonicare...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I can empathize


Jack hasn't bitten in a long time (knock on wood)... but you never know. This story in The New York Times sums up the feelings you have as a parent when you hear not so nice things about your child. Fortunately Jack's been very good lately. I even see him learning to control himself and his listening is getting much better as well. There are really only 2 things that make Jack act unruly. They are: being overtired (duh) and when he has to poop! Tonight it was the latter that was causing some fits on the floor. Once he "eliminated" the problem - he was back to his old self.

By the way, watch "The Doctors" on Thursday. My client, Optos, is going to have their cool retinal scanner demonstrated on the show.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tiring Tuesday

On my way home from work I yawned really loudly - a woman nearby remarked that it was a big yawn for a Tuesday. She was right. I'm exhausted. I had ice cream for dinner. Jack fortunately had a more nutritious one - homemade mac and cheese... and Tostitos.

Jack had a lot of fun with Sheep when she was here. Together they made Jack's first ever snowman. Or as Jack would say "No-man." I like the Dunkin' Donuts straw that was used as the nose.

I think Jack is coming down with yet another cold. Look at his watery eyes and drippy nose. At least he's being exposed to a lot of different germs which, from what I've read lately, is a very good thing for down the road.

Here's a shot of the just about finished kitchen. I should take more photos - this one doesn't show the crown moulding. I think the rug ties it together nicely.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Children's Museum

Fun Fun Fun at the Boston Children's Museum this morning. From bubbles, to balls to boats... it was a great time. Jack ran around from exhibit to exhibit and loved all of the different things he could do.

Here he is playing in the bubbles with Sheep. Thankfully they had smocks or Jack would have been totally wet within the first 10 minutes of the visit. I brought a change of clothes, but I really didn't feel like stripping him down.

Right next to bubble world was ball world. Bubbles and balls... what more could Jack want? In this space you would take a golf ball and roll it down different tracks. Some bigger kids made this a bit of a dangerous place to be :)

Umm... Jack, please don't get stuck in the track.

Posing with the cast of "Arthur."

Jack saw the big milk bottle out the window and had to get his picture taken with it. Body by milk!

This is Jack kissing a fake dog - in the handicap exhibit section.

Using the hand pedaled bike - his arms weren't long enough to go around.

Here is Jack trying out some real tools in the "Tool Bench." There were real files, screwdrivers and saws that he could use. Yikes.

A future tv meteorologist - oh no! Figures he wore a green shirt today - and was in front of a green screen.

Hanging into the boat pool... literally.

And after that we watched some Chinese dancers and a Dragon (which freaked him out). By the time we hit 93 south Jack was fast asleep. He's just waking up from his nap now... time to go outside and enjoy the 50 degree weather.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Snow Much Fun

As you know, Jack is a human penguin and just loves, loves, loves to be cold! So I suited him up and sent him out... with Grandma Sheep.

Note that he has SOCKS on his hands instead of mittens. One morning when Stephen brought Jack to daycare - one mitten magically disappeared. So instead of mittens today, Jack donned socks to keep his fingers warm. Seemed to work - I didn't hear any complaints.

Testing out the snow on the back deck.

The snow is pretty deep and Jack had some issues trying to trudge through it...


Then Jack went on a fun wagon ride with his best buddy Ryan...

Despite the frown, Jack did have a really good time...

Here is Jack impersonating a baby seal...

So after you come in from the cold (well, it was 40 degrees) what do most people want? Hot chocolate right? Not Jack-a-poo... he prefers..... Tostitos! Yes, the family size!


That's what Jack calls my Mom - not Grandma Sheep - just Sheep. So... Sheep came to visit for a few days and entertain Jack!

Right now they are outside trouncing around in the snow. Last night they had a dog vs. Barney fight... not sure who won.

Then before bedtime it was "lounge time." Note Jack's nice form...

Sheep is good at a number of things... one of them being "needle felting." This is a loon that she needle-felted for Jack to play with. Now Jack won't get in trouble for playing with Stephen's wooden ducks.

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