Sunday, February 8, 2009

Children's Museum

Fun Fun Fun at the Boston Children's Museum this morning. From bubbles, to balls to boats... it was a great time. Jack ran around from exhibit to exhibit and loved all of the different things he could do.

Here he is playing in the bubbles with Sheep. Thankfully they had smocks or Jack would have been totally wet within the first 10 minutes of the visit. I brought a change of clothes, but I really didn't feel like stripping him down.

Right next to bubble world was ball world. Bubbles and balls... what more could Jack want? In this space you would take a golf ball and roll it down different tracks. Some bigger kids made this a bit of a dangerous place to be :)

Umm... Jack, please don't get stuck in the track.

Posing with the cast of "Arthur."

Jack saw the big milk bottle out the window and had to get his picture taken with it. Body by milk!

This is Jack kissing a fake dog - in the handicap exhibit section.

Using the hand pedaled bike - his arms weren't long enough to go around.

Here is Jack trying out some real tools in the "Tool Bench." There were real files, screwdrivers and saws that he could use. Yikes.

A future tv meteorologist - oh no! Figures he wore a green shirt today - and was in front of a green screen.

Hanging into the boat pool... literally.

And after that we watched some Chinese dancers and a Dragon (which freaked him out). By the time we hit 93 south Jack was fast asleep. He's just waking up from his nap now... time to go outside and enjoy the 50 degree weather.

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