Sunday, February 22, 2009

I was just testing you...

To see if you guys really read this blog I took a week hiatus. Guess you do read it :)

Where to start... probably with this rotten cold I haven't been able to shake for the last week and a half. It really threw Jack and me for a loop. From the hacking cough to the extreme tiredness... it was a real struggle to work and take care of Jack... never mind trying to do anything in my free time other than sleep. Finally we got better and now Stephen is sick!

We just got back today from a long weekend in Philadelphia visiting Stephen's brother's family. We "thought" it would be a fun time taking Jack on a train (4.5 hours) since he loves Thomas the Train. And we also "thought" timing it so he could also take his nap on the train was a good idea. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. On the trip down it was all good until about New York City - about an hour from Philly. That's when the wheels came off and Jack decided he didn't want to sit and he didn't want to stand - so what choices remain? None... just unhappy baby. When Robert picked us up at the train station - we snapped the car seat into the car, started to move... and Jack was asleep. Finally - at least a 30 minute nap was in the books.

I had put together quite a tote bag of activities - from train books to play-doh, we had it all. We used it all too.

Here is a picture of Stephen and Jack on the trip down. Jack was enjoying a Thomas book - how appropriate. (note: Jack's sweater also had trains on it)

We had a nice weekend in Philadelphia. Jack really enjoys playing with his cousins plus he loved all their toys in the basement. He especially likes the kitchen area where he pretended to mix up food for the baby, heat it up in the microwave and then feed it to the baby in the stroller. But not before blowing on it... because it was hot!

Today we headed home and again had high hopes for Jack napping on the train. Nope. We came close a few times, but either the conductor would make an announcement or the kids behind us would make some noise that piqued his interest. Whatever, it was an experience. Next time we fly.

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