Wednesday, February 4, 2009

If I say it I might jinx it...

But I will anyway. Jack is eating!!! I never thought I'd be so excited to see someone eat. It started the other day when I made macaroni and cheese for dinner. He ate it. Then the next night I made him chicken nuggets and fries (sweet potato and regular). He ate it. Tonight I made ravioli and threw in some corn and broccoli "trees" (on the side). He ate it. He is getting carbs and vitamins and protein... and of course he's still sucking down milk like a crazy man. The food must have shocked Jack's digestive system, but he didn't go #2 for three days... but I solved that this evening with an extra dose of Miralax in the ol' Ma Ma.

Here is Jack "helping" Stephen pack for a business trip.

This is Jack letting me know he does not want his picture taken anymore. Tough.

Jack has taken a liking to sitting on the "ledge" that goes around our bed. I call it "waiting for the bus." He prefers to sit here when watching television.

Jack and Stephen - looking more and more alike every day.

Eating a few blueberries before bed (see... I told you he was eating!).

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