Friday, January 30, 2009

Yum... Salt

Jack is not a good eater. I think we all know that. It's not that he's not hungry - he just is super picky. This theory is proven by his breakfast this morning. Bacon and pretzels. I'm not going to get "Mother of the Year" - I'm fine with this. The kid loves salt. Good thing Stephen and I both have low blood pressure - he's going to need that gene.

Here he is eating his bacon. I think he ate 3 pieces - that I ripped up into smaller pieces to avoid serious choking.

Here is Jack eating a pretzel and lounging on the arm of his chair.

Here is Jack running away from me and shoving pretzels into his mouth.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Jack's new favorite show is Blues Clues. A regular feature of the show is when the mailbox shoots through the window to deliver the letter of the day. Jack has picked up the song that goes along with that pretty well - and yells "mail" at the appropriate time. Who knew the mail could make someone so excited?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

If it walks like a duck...

Then it's a duck... or Jack.

He started doing this yesterday... it must be something he learned at school because it took me by surprise. It's quite cute though... at least in my opinion. He may not always do it on demand - but when you catch it, it's cute.

Today Jack and I helped Julie pick up a huge table she bought at Pottery Barn. We met her at the mall, had the table loaded into the back of the Suburban and headed north to Cambridge. Pick-up and drop off went smoothly... and Jack had a good time running from Julie's bedroom to the living room... and then back again. He also played with some of Marc's toys - a fire engine, helicopter and ambulance. The ride home was uneventful except Jack asked me to go to McDonald's for a little french-fry break. Of course I conceded :)

Stephen finished up the backsplash while we were out. I think it looks really nice and matches the granite counter tops very nicely. Just need to finish some touch-ups and hang the art work and we'll be DONE! More pictures to come...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's Thursday

Today when I got to work, my friend Julie (aka Jack's stalker) gave Jack a nice gift. A little puppy to remember Chatiemac by... When I got home I gave it to him and he promptly began stroking the fur and chewing on his nose. Right now he's sleeping with him.

Here's a cute shot from Jack's bath last night. The bubbles cover the important areas. Jack is just beginning to learn that bubbles do not taste very good and it doesn't feel good to get them in your eyes either.

As most people know, Jack is not the best eater... in fact since being sick over last weekend he really hasn't eaten much. That was until tonight. Since Stephen was out to dinner with some old TV buddies, I was left to be a single parent. And since I'm lazy (!) I ordered pizza for dinner. When it arrived, Jack got up from the couch and ran to his chair at the kitchen table saying "p" which I can only assume meant pizza. He then ate a big chunk of his slice (and the pepperoni) and a mozzarella stick! It took him over 30 minutes to eat - but he kept plugging along so I kept sitting there. Finally - he ate a semi-real dinner! My feelings of failure are beginning to diminish.

Now here's a very exciting video of Jack wondering why all the Diet Pepsi is gone. It's quite dry... sorry - he just doesn't perform when I point the camera at him.

Monday, January 19, 2009

We miss Chatty already...

As many of you already know, today we made the heart wrenching decision to put Chatiemac to rest. Over the last two years his health has really declined and it had just gotten to the point that he was truly in pain each and every day. The process was quite peaceful and we chose to do it at the vet that treated Chatty the longest - Dr. Cheever in Guilderland. We truly believe she loved Chat almost as much as us. She did say that she is amazed he live this long (just over 15 years) - and that it was probably due to our amazing love for him.
Even though in our hearts we know we did the right thing, it's still so painful to think that our little furry guy isn't going to be around the house anymore. We're going to miss so many of his tricks... from snatching any food left at his nose-level to chasing squirrels and bunnies in his sleep.
In Chatty's memory, I'm going to post some pictures of the old guy.

He took Jack's (and every kid before him) torturing so well. From ear tugging to tail pulling, he just took it all in stride. Now his spirit has moved on and I believe he is up in Heaven with all his doggie friends from the past - running, chasing, rolling in the snow... having a great time like he used to.
Now it's time to wag the dog - too bad this one doesn't have sound. Do you think there's a baby in Heaven doing this to him right now :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sick Day

Jack has a cold... I think. Check out his right eye. It's all watery (but not pink at all!) and sometimes it's goopy.

But it didn't stop him from eating a good portion of macaroni and cheese for lunch today.

And this is Jack wearing his hat in the house - just like Daddy. Stephen was wearing his hat in the house because he kept going out in the garage to cut the crown moulding... and Jack noticed. So obviously he wants to be just like his father - even with a "ma ma."

Jack is also very excited about watching airplanes these days. We happened to see one flying overhead from the guest room and ever since then he's keeps saying "plane" and wanting to go upstairs and look out the window. It's kind of hard to explain to him that planes don't go overheard every five minutes (it's not like we live in East Boston) so it's very disappointing. He pulls the hassack up to the window and just waits... and waits... I just might take him to Logan so he can see a whole bunch at once.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Through Snow and Ice...

Jack is like a mailman... nothing will keep him from going to school. This morning we woke up to a fair amount of ice on the ground... but instead of staying home with Mommy, Jack insisted on trekking to the Y to play with his friends. Who am I to deny him such pleasure? He had a good day, ate his snack (Triscuits), ate his lunch (chicken nuggets), did a puppet show and took a 3 hour nap. Can't get better than that!
When Jack got home it was time for dinner (pork chops - not a favorite) and then play time. Play time is good - especially now that Stephen's elbow is doing much better. They must have wrestled on the bed for 15 minutes. Is this something that just little boys do - or do girls like to go beserk too?
My friend Michelle sent me more pictures from our recent trip to the Saratoga Children's Museum... they're mostly of him and his girlfriend Abby.

Here is the dynamic duo on "their first date..."

Here is Jack tickling Abby while she tried to play in the sink. I think he was flirting...

Jack and Mommy...

Hard at work in the "school house."

"What, we're leaving... I don't think so."

Monday, January 5, 2009

Caution: Kitchen Update (not a Jack update)

The wainscoting is up. The chair rail is up. The tile is ordered. The crown moulding is next. We (well, Stephen) is plugging along. Sooner or later this kitchen WILL be done. Here are some pictures. Hopefully you can tell the difference.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tandem Vacuuming

As you know, Uncle Ed and Aunt Joanne, gave Jack a new vacuum for Christmas. Today Stephen got out the big vacuum and the little vacuum to see what would happen.

Well, see for yourself...

As you can see, Jack preferred the big one... leaving the Dirt Devil for Stephen (who I'm convinced thought it would actually suck up a decent amount of dirt).

Friday, January 2, 2009

The Red Phase

When we left Queensbury the other day, I forgot to pack Jack's coat into the car (that's because he was wearing him jammies and the car was all warmed up), so I was forced to head to LL Bean to get some new winter clothes... quickly. Here is what he looks like in his new parka and snow pants. Do you like the hat with flames???

He was so packed into the clothes he could barely walk, but he finally figured it out and headed outside to help me shovel.

Jack has taken a liking recently to sitting in our magazine bin - don't tell Stephen.

Jack loves his new magna-doodle that he got for Christmas. This is a shot of him doing some "art work" while chilling on the floor... after playing with his new Gorilla blocks.

Jack also got a new motorcycle from the Hewig family in Seattle. He likes to sit on it and his legs are just long enough to give himself a little push. Here he is checking out what is going on with the next door neighbors...

There seems to be a lot of red in Jack's life these days...

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Jack's 2nd New Year's Eve was a raging good time. From eating hot and sour soup for the first time to playing with the Hess helicopter's rotors... Jack had a good time over at the McKerrow's for a few hours. He played with Harper, Piper, Ryan and even Hunter a little bit (well, he liked pushing him in the baby swing).

It's a little hard trying to celebrate a holiday that culminates at Midnight with a toddler... but Jack tried his best. In fact he made it to about 10:00 before he fell fast asleep. When we got him home he just wanted his coat off and to be left alone in his crib. I gladly obliged. Stephen and I fell asleep before midnight... I think that's the first time I haven't at least stayed up until the ball dropped on Times Square.

Here are Howie and Tim joined by Tillie.

This is Piper taking a picture of me while I took a picture of her.

Here is Tom getting Ryan in his jammies...

Here is Sarah toting Ryan around...

Here are Tim and Jill... our former neighbors and New Year's Eve hosts.

Here is the little man himself, Hunter...

This is Tom, Stephen and Howie...

Here is Jack eating the plane...

Piper trying to help Jack play with the toys...

The End...

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