Friday, January 2, 2009

The Red Phase

When we left Queensbury the other day, I forgot to pack Jack's coat into the car (that's because he was wearing him jammies and the car was all warmed up), so I was forced to head to LL Bean to get some new winter clothes... quickly. Here is what he looks like in his new parka and snow pants. Do you like the hat with flames???

He was so packed into the clothes he could barely walk, but he finally figured it out and headed outside to help me shovel.

Jack has taken a liking recently to sitting in our magazine bin - don't tell Stephen.

Jack loves his new magna-doodle that he got for Christmas. This is a shot of him doing some "art work" while chilling on the floor... after playing with his new Gorilla blocks.

Jack also got a new motorcycle from the Hewig family in Seattle. He likes to sit on it and his legs are just long enough to give himself a little push. Here he is checking out what is going on with the next door neighbors...

There seems to be a lot of red in Jack's life these days...

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