Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's Thursday

Today when I got to work, my friend Julie (aka Jack's stalker) gave Jack a nice gift. A little puppy to remember Chatiemac by... When I got home I gave it to him and he promptly began stroking the fur and chewing on his nose. Right now he's sleeping with him.

Here's a cute shot from Jack's bath last night. The bubbles cover the important areas. Jack is just beginning to learn that bubbles do not taste very good and it doesn't feel good to get them in your eyes either.

As most people know, Jack is not the best eater... in fact since being sick over last weekend he really hasn't eaten much. That was until tonight. Since Stephen was out to dinner with some old TV buddies, I was left to be a single parent. And since I'm lazy (!) I ordered pizza for dinner. When it arrived, Jack got up from the couch and ran to his chair at the kitchen table saying "p" which I can only assume meant pizza. He then ate a big chunk of his slice (and the pepperoni) and a mozzarella stick! It took him over 30 minutes to eat - but he kept plugging along so I kept sitting there. Finally - he ate a semi-real dinner! My feelings of failure are beginning to diminish.

Now here's a very exciting video of Jack wondering why all the Diet Pepsi is gone. It's quite dry... sorry - he just doesn't perform when I point the camera at him.

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