Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sick Day

Jack has a cold... I think. Check out his right eye. It's all watery (but not pink at all!) and sometimes it's goopy.

But it didn't stop him from eating a good portion of macaroni and cheese for lunch today.

And this is Jack wearing his hat in the house - just like Daddy. Stephen was wearing his hat in the house because he kept going out in the garage to cut the crown moulding... and Jack noticed. So obviously he wants to be just like his father - even with a "ma ma."

Jack is also very excited about watching airplanes these days. We happened to see one flying overhead from the guest room and ever since then he's keeps saying "plane" and wanting to go upstairs and look out the window. It's kind of hard to explain to him that planes don't go overheard every five minutes (it's not like we live in East Boston) so it's very disappointing. He pulls the hassack up to the window and just waits... and waits... I just might take him to Logan so he can see a whole bunch at once.

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