Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tiring Tuesday

On my way home from work I yawned really loudly - a woman nearby remarked that it was a big yawn for a Tuesday. She was right. I'm exhausted. I had ice cream for dinner. Jack fortunately had a more nutritious one - homemade mac and cheese... and Tostitos.

Jack had a lot of fun with Sheep when she was here. Together they made Jack's first ever snowman. Or as Jack would say "No-man." I like the Dunkin' Donuts straw that was used as the nose.

I think Jack is coming down with yet another cold. Look at his watery eyes and drippy nose. At least he's being exposed to a lot of different germs which, from what I've read lately, is a very good thing for down the road.

Here's a shot of the just about finished kitchen. I should take more photos - this one doesn't show the crown moulding. I think the rug ties it together nicely.

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