Sunday, August 31, 2008

Long Weekend...

So the long weekend is here ... and we're having a great time so far. Yesterday, Jill and I took a little time for ourselves and got manicures and pedicures. Not the kind where you're in and out in 45 minutes... this took more than 2 hours. And they offered us wine. Well, Jill is 7 months pregnant so I declined and we both enjoyed a nice cup of decaf tea! But we're going back post-baby and opting for the wine. Then we went to their house for dinner and smores... Jack loved running around and around and around. Finally by 8:30 we had to call it a night and bring the little man home to bed.
Today I'm going to the Roger Williams Zoo in RI with my friend Maria and her two boys: Owen and Ethan. Ethan is just 2 months old! I'll take lots of pix and post later... Ciao.

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