Sunday, May 18, 2008

Jack's lovin' it...

Today Jack and I got out of the house to have some fun... and instead of going to the Natick Mall to buy some new socks at Hanna Andersson, we diverted to Costco. We got some blueberries, some toilet paper and some ribs! Jack was great until the end when you have to send your cart along one side of the cashier and you go down the other. This meant I had to get him out of the carriage, hold him while I paid and then try to maneuver him back into the carriage after loading our stuff back in.
Well he wanted NOTHING to do with being confined again... he wanted to walk... and boy did he let me know. I have to be honest, until today, Jack never pitched a fit in a store. He screamed and yelled and basically let the entire cavernous store know that I was not doing what he wanted. Oh well... such is life. I just moseyed to the car like he wasn't screaming and strapped him in the car seat and was on my way. He got over it.
So on our way home I felt like making one more stop: McDonald's! I can't remember the last time I went into a McDonald's and sat down to eat. Well, today that's exactly what Jack and I did. We shared the two cheeseburger value meal... but truly all the kid wanted was the french fries... and who can blame him!

I wanted to take Jack's picture on the statue of Ronald McDonald that you can see over his right shoulder. But I didn't know how to finagle Jack, the diaper bag and the camera... so it didn't happen.

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