Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dinner out...

So tonight, Jack and I went out to dinner with Matt, Maria and Owen. We went to a nearby Italian restaurant and Jack followed Owen's lead and ate up a storm! A piece of bread with butter and a whole lot of ziti with sauce. I think lively entertainment during meals distracts Jack and leads to more food actually getting in his buddha belly.
After dinner Jack had a bunch of sauce on his face so I wiped him down, except he insisted on playing with the wipe after I was done... and this was the result:

I think Jack is part dog!
Now here is Maria and Owen... she said she'd kill me if I posted this picture... hee hee:

Here is Matt & Maria...

Maria is going to have baby #2 in just two months... I think they are really looking forward to those sleepless nights!

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