Thursday, November 19, 2009

Crazy Kid

Jack is officially a crazy kid these days. Three examples to share with you tonight:
1. While jumping like a wild monkey in his crib, he smashed his lip down on the bar... biting a nice chunk out of his tongue. Yes, it bled like crazy - I think that was the part he liked the best.
2. I just checked on him - he has taken all his clothes off. Thankfully he's left his diaper on. I'll be redressing him soon.
3. He locked himself in the guest room and peed on the floor.

This 3rd example needs a little more explaining.

So, I was hanging out with Jack in my room like we normally do - watching our friend Dora on television. For some reason, out of the blue, Jack tosses his sippy cup of juice right at me! This earned Jack a "time out." Now, when we are upstairs, time out is served in the wing chair in the guest room. He had just gotten out of the bath so he was still naked... and he marched into the other room ready to do his "time out." Well he got mad a me for following him so he slammed the door in my face and locked the door. Yes, he turned the little thingy and locked the door!

I quickly went above the door jamb and got the tool that unlocks the door from the outside. Thinking it was something I just jammed in the hole and pushed... turns out that is not the kind of lock we have on the doors. I tried for a few minutes to unlock the door, meanwhile pleading with Jack to unlock the door. He started to get upset, saying he couldn't unlock it and he had to go potty. Oh boy. I called Stephen in panic (he was out to dinner with some former colleagues) asking him what to do. He explained how the tool worked - but I just couldn't get it to work. I thought I would run next door to get Tom - but they were away. I was stuck. Jack was stuck.

I ended up running downstairs and getting a screwdriver - the plan? To take the door handle off and get in the room that way. So I unscrewed the knob and the part on the inside of the room fell to the floor. Jack and I could finally see each other - I kept explaining that Mommy was going to help him and he'd be out soon. He just kept saying he was scared and had to go potty. I finally got the door open after taking off the handle... when I walked into the room there was a pile of pillows on the rug. Yes, Jack had peed on the floor and then tried to cover it up (is that normal?). I just ran in and hugged him so tight, I wanted to make him feel safe... and not be worried any longer.

Jack recovered by watching the Backyardigans... while I recovered by cleaning the rug.

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