Friday, November 6, 2009

Flu Shots!

So up until today Jack hadn't had any of his flu shots - seasonal or H1N1. This morning Jack had his 30 month check-up (29.5 lbs and 35" tall = 70% percentile) - but first I had to get him into a gown - it was quite cute!

When the doctor came in she asked him lots of questions like:
  • "What were you for Halloween?" Fortunately he didn't say a stop sign
  • "Do you brush your teeth?" Yes, and he even mimicked the brushing action
  • "Do you eat your fruits and vegetables?" Umm, his answer was bacon
  • "Do you sit in a special seat in the car?" Yes, and he told her how he watches 'Wiki Tiki' (the Scooby Doo movie he watches over and over)
I felt like she was checking with him if Stephen and I were good parents. I think we passed. I hope. Well, at least DSS hasn't shown up at the door yet. When she left Jack gave her a high five, knuckles, thumbs up and a vibrant "bye bye!" She called him a ham.

Then it was the fun part - the shots. I was just happy they had the H1N1 available. They did that one first since it was the flumist - he took the squirt up the nose just great. Then the needle showed up. I distracted him while she prepped his arm and then he burst into tears once she pierced his skin. So sad. I hate doing that to him - though I think it's way better than getting the flu!

Tomorrow - we fly to New Jersey for the twins' birthday party. Wish us luck!

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