Saturday, November 10, 2007

Getting Flack

So I'm getting flack from some of my loyal readers since I haven't blogged for a few days. I've been busy working, mom-ing and doing whatever else comes up. Tonight we're in Queensbury visiting Stephen's parents. We're going out to dinner tonight to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary. That's certainly an accomplishment I aspire to duplicate. Stephen and I have only been married for 7 years, so thinking about the next 38 (that's more years than I've been alive) is mind boggling.

Right now Baby Man is sleeping in his car seat. We went over to our friend the Maurer's today to visit. Jack got to watch Lindsay and Amanda play... he loves watching the big kids. In fact he's mesmerized by them like at "school." They also have a really big dog, Memphis... a Burmese Mountain dog. Baby Man enjoyed staring at him, grabbing his fur and then trying to eat it. We also picked up a high chair. They weren't using it anymore and it was used for barely a month. Finally I won't have to feed the little guy in his office.

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