Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

And I don't mean Christmas. I am talking about Thanksgiving! By far, turkey and mashed potatoes is my most favorite dinner... and this Thursday I'm going to have my dinner dreams fulfilled. We plan on letting Baby Man try some mashed potatoes... it will be his first real non-baby food that he will eat. I hope he likes them. What if he doesn't? Then I'll know he was switched with another baby in the hospital. I figured he was too cute to be mine anyway.
But he must be Stephen's baby... because Jack resembles his grandfather, "Pooh."Maybe next summer Pooh will teach him the finer points of "hosing" As I began to think about this... Jack's family could really teach him a lot:
  • Grammy will teach him how to read
  • Allie & Olivia will make him a fine little cheerleader!
  • Uncle Art might teach him how to ride a dirt bike (uhh... never)
  • Aunt Donna could help him build a volcano
  • Grandpa Tractor could give him rides on the tractor and the firetruck...
  • Grandma Rose might like to show him how to ride a bike
  • Uncle Bobby could could help him learn to catch a ball
  • Grandmother (aka Grandma Sheep) will teach him how to be the dog whisperer
  • Hunter & Drew might like to show him the finer points of playing with Legos
I know I'm not including everyone... this is just a sampling. What I'm trying to say is that your family is there for more than just the holidays. They're there to teach you things... and Jack has a lot to learn and he's very lucky.

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