Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Great Cheerio Caper

Tonight I was so excited. I was excited because I was going to finally feed Baby Man that quintessential baby food: Cheerios! (not to mention they are Grandpa Tractor's breakfast of choice for the last 50+ years) The doctor has said on our last visit that he was ready to eat them, despite having no teeth.
But before I gave Jack the little, round, whole-grain morsel I said to Stephen, "we know what to do if he chokes, right?" Stephen said yes and then acted out giving a baby the Heimlich. I felt confident. Jack was in a good mood. Stephen was ready to jump into action. Chatiemac was ready to clean up the remnants.
So first I put two Cheerios on Jack's tray. Didn't even phase him. He only stared at the little bowl of cereal I had in my hands. So then I put the bowl of cereal in front of him. Still zero interest. So I resorted to putting one directly in his mouth. At first he looked perplexed. Then he look inquisitive. Then he started choking.
I immediately whacked him (gently) on the back. Stephen came over and asked if the Cheerio was out yet. I started to get a bit frantic and I picked him up, leaned him forward and lightly pummeled his little back. Still nothing. I then stuck my hand in his mouth and felt every crevice of his little mouth for that damn Cheerio. But still nothing. By now he stopped choking. And started laughing. That little turkey. I then gave him a good long swig of the ol' ba-ba.
Crisis averted.
Situation over.
Cheerios are banned... at least until he gets a tooth.

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