Thursday, August 4, 2011

William is almost 1!!!

Can you believe William is almost 1 year old already? That seemed to go much faster with him versus with Jack. Stephen and I are almost old pros at this parenting thing now. Despite the fact that he (amazingly) does not sleep through the night yet (even though he weighs 23.5 pounds) he is a wonderful little baby... full of smiles and laughs. He truly thinks anything his big brother does is the most hysterical thing he's seen in his life.

Yesterday William got his first haircut! Yes, at just 10 months he needed a haircut. He never lost his "baby hair" so it was getting a bit unruly on the top and in the back. He also has about 4 million cowlicks... so trying to get his hair to lie flat down the road should be interesting.




All with a little plastic spoon in his mouth... he didn't cry once! He actually found it all quite interesting.

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