Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Losing the Baby Weight

I'll admit it, I gained 40 pounds when I was pregnant. Now keep in mind I did give birth to an eight pound one ounce bouncing baby boy. When I left the hospital I had lost 25 pounds. I decided giving birth was the best diet I'd ever been on. Then, as I continued to breastfeed, I dropped another 8 pounds. Now this leaves me with another pesky 7 pounds to lose... which I now really have to do. The baby is five months old today, my excuse of "just giving birth" is getting a little thin (pun intended). It's just so hard. I got used to eating (sort of) whatever I wanted. Gosh, I just love those cranberry orange muffins at Starbucks.
So how am I going to do it? First I should give up the muffins. How about exercise you say? But when the heck do I have time to exercise? I get up at 6 just to get the family out the door by 7:45 which gets me to work by 9... Then we're home by 6 or so, we take care of the baby, maybe give him a bath and feed him some carrots... and then it's 9 before you know it. Then we get up and do it all over again. I try to walk during lunch time, but I've been so busy lately I just haven't had the chance.
I'm full of excuses aren't I? The bottom line is I'm unhappy with this extra weight and I have to do this before it lingers too much longer. I'll let you know how I progress...

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