Saturday, September 8, 2007

Another New Toy

Much to his father's dismay, a new toy has entered the house. It's bright, it's large and it's now Jack's favorite. He is truly just trying to find out how to stuff each of these toys in his mouth. Right now he is working his way around the circle, yelling at each of the toys. I love the animal sound maker, it gives Jack the Spanish pronunciation as well. Soon he'll know more Spanish than me.
I came home with this today from Babies R Us. I really shouldn't be trusted to go there by myself, or at least without another adult. Stephen wanted me to get the one that folds up and can be put away. Unfortunately they were out of that one and I had to get this one. Though I like this one better. The other had a circus theme. I hate clowns. I know I should be more tolerant, but clowns are freaky. Who ever grew up and wanted to be a clown? They would be that freak at your reunion that no one makes eye contact with.
Happy birthday Karen. Happy Anniversary Bob & Judy... and Donna & Jeff.

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