Monday, September 17, 2007

Let the renovations begin...

Now that Stephen and I have been in the new house for a year, we're just about ready to dive into our first real renovation. The victim: the downstairs powder room. We figure we should start small and work our way up. Even though this should be a relatively "easy" job, I'm sure it's going to turn into more than we think.
The plan is to take down the wallpaper, replace the vanity top, change out the light, scale back the big mirror, repaint the vanity and replace the toilet... and voila!
I'll tell you what is really going to happen. We'll end taking off some of the sheetrock during the wallpaper removal process, some random measurement that I took will be off and I see an issue with water at some point in the process.
Also, we're going to argue. It always happens. (Could that be because Stephen asks me for the "thing" over there and I don't know what "thing" he's talking about)
I'll post before and after pictures.
Now depending on how this first project goes, we may work our way up into the guest bathroom. Oh boy...

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