Saturday, September 15, 2007


A while back Stephen innocently asked how much of the "baby care" did I think he was doing. I thought about it for a bit and responded, "about 30 percent." I rue the day I gave that answer. Even though I truly feel that is the right answer on most occasions, but I guess I hurt his feelings.
Basically, as the mom, I get Jack up in the morning, change him, get him dressed, take care of him all day (Mondays & Fridays) or prep him for "school." Am I wrong? Don't get me wrong, Stephen does a lot more than a lot of other dads out there. He changes diapers, puts him to sleep every night and vacuums the house with Jack in the Baby Bjorn. But I feed him (breast, bottle and solids), do his laundry, pick out and buy his clothes, take care of him when I work from home 2 days a week...I think that equals 70% of the duties.
Now the other part I must confess, I do about 10% of the household chores. I basically do the grocery shopping and that's it. I don't even put them away, not because I don't want to, I just wouldn't put them in the right spot!
All right, gotta run, Jack just got up from his morning nap... and I had Stephen go get Baby Man, change his diaper... he's at about 11% so far today... only 19% more to go...

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