Sunday, September 23, 2007

Creeping along

Yes, Jack is on the move. Today he officially did the "worm." For those of you that don't remember the worm, click this link: So anyway, back to Jack. I had him on his belly in the living room and he was desperately trying to get closer to Chatiemac. Unfortunately Chat was in front of him, not behind, so the more Jack moved (backwards) the further he got from his goal. Needless to say this led to some serious frustration. So all I can think of now is that my little Baby Man will not be contained for much longer. When I was pregnant people always asked if I was anxious to give birth. I usually said no for two reasons: I imagined labor would hurt (I was right) and I could keep the baby contained where he was... in my womb. Well, I made it through labor and now he's close to becoming un-containable. I guess this will just be the first of many times where Jack starts doing his own thing.

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