Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

The big day is here. Today Jack officially became a Jack-o'-lantern! Check him out! He participated in the costume parade today at the Y. Linda (his teacher) said he wasn't that thrilled to put on the costume. But I made her promise not to tell Stephen that... knowing how much he detests dressing up for Halloween.

We probably got about 40 trick or treaters. My favorite was the princess who refused to wear her costume so her mother was forced to yell, "she was supposed to be a princess" to all the people handing out candy.
Our one neighbor was handing out those airplane bottles of liquor (not to the kids, but to the parents). I wanted to run over and get some Bailey's for my coffee.

Jack also took another trip to the ol' pediatrician today. We were concerned because he was refusing to eat. What! My child refusing to eat? Impossible but true. Over the last two days he probably had 25 ounces where he would normally have about 65. Every time you put the bottle in his mouth he would just let it sit there. Finally this afternoon I got myself worked up enough that I got him a quick appointment. So Stephen and I pick up the Jack-meister early, head over to the doctor's office, sit and wait, and wait and wait. When the doctor examined him all was well. The diagnosis - teething! Yet again I take my son in, fork over the co-pay, only to find out he's getting teeth. So I brought him home, gave him some Tylenol and within an hour he was happily sucking away on his bottle.

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