Friday, October 5, 2007

random thoughts

  • baby man tried peaches for the first time today (see picture); loved 'em
  • he went on a "sleep strike" and only napped for about 1.5 hours today instead of the regular 3 or 4
  • no tooth yet, still waiting
  • stephen's flying home right now
  • i'm admittedly watching "kimora lee, life in the fab lane" and she's 4 hours late for the vanity fair shoot - she says she's just not good at keeping an exact schedule. what she is good at is... is keeping other people late to wait for her
  • i've really been craving fruit lately, hope i'm not pregnant again (just kidding stephen!)
  • hopefully we'll be able to paint the downstairs bathroom this weekend, the naked walls are wearing on me
  • my grandmother had a gall stone removed today and will have the whole GB removed next week
  • i got jack a halloween costume. he's going to be a pumpkin. get it: jack o'lantern

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