Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Deal or No Deal

I'm watching Deal or No Deal. This show drives me nuts. This woman with like 8 kids just turned down $73,000. Is she stupid? I'll let you know. She has to open one case out of the six left on the stage. She has the million dollars still in play. But everything else is wicked low.
Case #25... eliminated the $10. So far so good. One of the people she brought is her ex-husband. He's just being nice hoping she gets the big money. Now the banker is offering her $93,000. She says, "no deal." Oh lord.
Now she has to pick one more case, only four are left. The big reveal: $300. Wow, she's picking well. So now we have the case she chose initially and 3 other cases left: $50, $200, $25,000 and $1,000,000. The new offer is $133,000. What would you do? I wouldn't have even made it this far. I would have taken one of their first offers, but I'm a wimp like that. This lady again rejected this latest offer. Oh no.
Her ex-husband is saying take the money and run. Oh boy. No deal again. I might get an ulcer watching this show. The next case: #19... knocked out the million. You idiot. I told you to stop. Now she's going to end up with 25k if she's lucky. Nope, not even that. Now she's going to go home with $100.
She looks mad. I would be too. She just took the $100 deal and her case actually had $200 in it. So again she made another bad deal.
I could never be on this show.

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