Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Working Mother

I'm a working mom. Three days a week I take the commuter rail into Boston and head to my office and enjoy a nice trip to Starbucks and adult conversation and uninterrupted conference calls. Two days a week I work from home, while my six month old son Jack watches my every move. I worry that Jack is going to cry during a conference call, I don't go to Starbucks and I sometimes don't even get dressed.
I do this for two reasons. One: I don't want my son in daycare five days a week, I just don't want to be away from him for that long. Two: it saves me enough money in commuting and daycare costs that I don't have to feel guilty about going to Starbucks and getting a mani/pedi at lunchtime.
There are positives and negatives to my situation and right now I'm trying to put into words the inner conflict I have with my current situation. In fact, I'm not really ready to talk about what they are right now, but I will as this blog goes on...

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