Saturday, October 27, 2007

Halloween is Coming...

And Jack is getting ready. Right now he chews on his pumpkin costume every chance he can get. And every chance I get, I put at least one part of the costume on him, whether it's the little stemmed hat, the plump body or the bright orange slippers. Stephen is just mortified by the whole ordeal. He obviously had some "issues" with Halloween in his childhood.
On Wednesday, at school, they are going to have the Halloween parade. I'm hoping it's early enough that Stephen and I can figure out how to be there, I know it's important to Jack :) Actually I really just want to get a picture of the kiddie parade so I can post it here on the blog.
I bought about six bags of candy today. Hopefully there will be some left on Wednesday. I plan on answering the door with my little Jack 'O Lantern on my hip.

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