Saturday, January 26, 2008

What a day

We finally made it to Gymboree today. Even though Jack sounds like he is coughing up a lung I decided to bring him anyway. So we go and he's the youngest (and the cutest) one there. None of the moms were all that interested in chatting... but that's understandable. The "teacher" really keeps you moving for the entire 45 minute class. It's more of a workout for Mommy than it is for baby. We went up slides, we went down slides, we climbed through tunnels, we chased balls, we played on the parachute... and we had bubbles blown on us. I think that may have been Jack's favorite part... he was mesmerized by the bubbles floating down on him. We go again next week... and I'll try to remember the camera this time.
Then when we got home it was time for a quick lunch and then back out again. This time we headed up to the bathroom supply store that is going to give us the Toto brand products for our bathroom redo on NECN. We got to choose anything we wanted (Toto brand of course) and put it on a list. We had initially been told we could get a toilet, a washlet and some sinks. But we don't really need the sinks (they are pretty much all pedestals) so we added faucets, shower head and even a new tub... to the tune of $10k. I'll let you know what we end up with! I promised the rep that I'd have a Toto party... you're all invited!

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