Monday, January 14, 2008

I learned something today...

...that I really hate it when the power goes out!
Our power went out at 7am this morning thanks to the heavy wet snow blanketing all of Massachusetts. And when the power goes out, you know what doesn't work? Everything! The furnace, the microwave, the internet, the phone... everything. I do not envy Laura Ingalls. It was downright cold in the house today. Fortunately we do have a gas fireplace which did keep the living room and dining room frost-free.
Baby Man didn't care. He pretty much lives an electricity-free life anyway. He still had his bottle, his fruit, his oatmeal and his constant entertainment (my mother).
But one this is for sure, snow really makes everything look a lot prettier. This snow we got really put a strain on the trees. A lot of them are completely bent over and touching the ground.

After I saw all the birds in the backyard scatter I spied something quite large in the back yard. Check out the scary Cooper's hawk:

After Jack's second nap today (just as the power came back on), he found something he'd never really paid much attention to in the past. And that is the camera on his crib that sends the signal down to my monitor so I can watch him sleep, jump in bed and otherwise wreak havoc on the place. So when he got up from his nap, instead of just jumping up and down or banging his head against the rails, he peered right into the lens of the camera. Then he put his finger right over the lens. He knew we were watching and he didn't like it.

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