Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sick Baby

Baby Man is sick. It started around 5 o'clock last night. He got cranky and irritable... and didn't want to eat anything. Then, as I brought him upstairs, he vomited... big time. I mean vomited. It was almost projectile. Fortunately I had made it to the bathroom with him so he really let loose on the tile floor instead of the rug. Then he was inconsolable for about an hour. I took his temp (no Stephen, I don't love to do that) and it was just 100.3. So I gave him some Tylenol and he fell asleep about an hour later... at 8. Then at midnight he woke up again so I took him into bed with me to snuggle. He slept pretty well but at 6 when he woke up he was like a baby-furnace. I took his temp again and it was 102.3! Gave him some more Tylenol and gave him a bottle, which he drank about 6 ounces. I of course called the doctor and they said this was a bug going around. Just to watch for signs of dehyrdation. Just took his temp again and it's back down to 100.5 so obviously the Tylenol is working. Now he's sleeping again... hope for the best. Guess that means no Gymboree today. Our first class... darn it.

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