Sunday, January 20, 2008

Flirty Baby

Today Grammy and I took Jack out of the house for a bit. After being cooped up for 2 days it was nice to get him out in the fresh (albeit freezing) air. We took him out to lunch... to Bertucci's... and I was a bit nervous about how he would act. Most of the other times we've taken him into a restaurant he's been nearly asleep or completely conked out. Not today. Baby Man was ready to roll. We got seated near the back of the restaurant and Jack took his position in the high chair and became Curious George. He was craning his neck to see around the corner, looking around to see who was coming up behind him and flirting with all the waitresses who came by to check out the cutest baby in the restaurant. He was great the entire time. In fact I fed him some "bread-insides" that he really seemed to enjoy. By the time we left, Jack had made eyes with virtually every woman in the place. He truly is a Ladies Man.

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