Friday, January 11, 2008

Exciting News

We're getting a free toilet! (not what you were thinking, right?) Anyway, as you may know we are working with a local tv station (NECN) on the redo of our master bathroom. part of the deal is that they call around to suppliers/advertisers to see if they would like to give us a break on any of their products. well we struck gold! The Toto supplier wants to give us a free toilet. Any toilet we want! Here's the one I'm leaning toward: or go to and watch video on how it works. Once you get over the bare butts, it's pretty good!

I'm not sure why it has a remote control, but I'm sure Stephen will be pleased with that feature. It has a heated seat! It has washer-thingies... very European of us. This toilet is so cool that I think we'll have to have an "Open Toilet" instead of an "Open House."

Just think, Jack will learn to go to the bathroom... and basically never need to use toilet paper! By the way, his newest trick is blowing raspberries. Once he gets going, it's hard to get him to stop...

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