Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A Painful Day

So we're on our way to the YMCA to drop Baby Man off, when the car in front of us pulled off to the side of the road. We couldn't get around him because there was a car coming from the other direction. So we had to stop. But the car behind us didn't. Yep... the lady slammed right into the back of our SUV at about 35 miles per hour. Boy was that jarring. Baby Man started to cry, I clawed my way back to him and Stephen got out of the car to find out what was going on. All in all, we're very lucky. If we had been in some smaller type of vehicle I'm sure we'd have been hurt. Fortunately no one involved was injured. The lady's car... didn't look too good. It actually looked like she slammed into a brick wall. Our car's bumper is mangled, but the car otherwise is just fine. Meanwhile Stephen and I are quite sore this evening and Baby Man wasn't phased at all. He bounces back from adversity quite quickly. Kind of like child birth. He came out all fine... it was me that took some time to recover.
Here's a picture of my little family from Thanksgiving. Note Jack's sharp duds.:
Yep, that's Burberry on my Baby Man. The shirt was a little big, but he'll fit into it soon... hopefully. Now if only he didn't have his hand in front of his face this might be a good picture of us all.
Now here's Jack hanging onto his Dad's ear. Whenever Stephen picks him up, Jack automatically grabs on. But he doesn't just hold on nicely... he twists, and pulls and it actually hurts!

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