Friday, December 7, 2007

Jack's First Chair... oh yeah, and he's crawling.

So today Jack was sitting in his own little chair... I wish he could hold a book at the same time... would make for a funny picture. Even still... it's still pretty cute. Thanks Tory for the chair! It says "Jack" on the part that is being covered by his body...

Oh yeah... he also started to crawl forward today! He kind of leads with his right leg... and drags the other. Sort of like he was wounded in war and is trying to get himself out of the line of fire. Now he doesn't have to roll around the house like a crazy log anymore... though he still does. I guess we have to get a gate now. Don't need Baby Man falling down those stairs onto the hard ceramic tile. We'll keep practicing until we're really good at getting from one place to the other. I'll keep you posted on his progress.

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