Tuesday, December 11, 2007

One Giant Crawl for Baby-kind

Yes... that is Baby Man scooting along trying to get to his father, who was trying to catch the memorable moment on video (the flash is that beacon of light you see).
He only crawls for things he really wants, like a tablecloth, plant, dirty shoe, bottle of water, Chatiemac... he's very particular as you can see.
When we dropped him off at school this morning they didn't believe he could crawl. By the afternoon they were believers.
This crawling is really tiring him out too. He was full of energy after his dinner of mixed veggies and applesauce. I thought he might actually make it to 8pm tonight. I was wrong again. I put him on the floor to go through some crawling exercises and he was pooped by 7:15.

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